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The Last Day of Rain #1: Dreams and Bad Decisions (Graphic Novel Volume)

The Last Day of Rain #1: Dreams and Bad Decisions (Graphic Novel Volume)

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Meet Carol, born in London in 2063, a time when soaring temperatures have made clouds a distant memory. With a burning desire to witness water falling from the sky, Carol embarks on an adventure filled with love, friendship, and a touch of romantic comedy.

Join her in the first chapter as she recounts her grandmother's tale of the last day of rain. As Carol navigates a city ridden with inequality, she experiences encounters that will lead her to change the way she interacts with the world.

This is the first chapter of the comic. Check out chapter two!


Info and format

Intended for all audiences, aged 13 and up.

Format: A5, 28 pages (including cover)


"Claudia’s artwork has an absolutely solid foundation in both form and colour. It’s really nice. It has a warm hand-drawn illustrative quality that you maybe find in a Nobrow or an Avery Hill book. [...] I’ve seen great work throughout the comic." - The Awesome Comics Podcast, Episode 410

"An environmentally-focussed story with sci-fi overtones that communicates the urgency of climate change fears by taking us to a future where its impact has become all the more tangible." - Andy Oliver at Broken Frontier

”I don't know about you, but I am pluviophile. I love rain, I prefer it over sunshine, and it's absolutely terrifying to imagine a place without rain. The concept to be interesting, as well as the proposed solution the characters came up with, it's one I've heard of before in real life, so I'm curious to see it implemented in this Graphic Novel.” - Jackson @ Global Comix

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