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Worlds Apart (Mini Comic)

Worlds Apart (Mini Comic)

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Worlds Apart is a mini science-fiction comic that reveals a story as you unfold its panels. It follows a father on Earth and a daughter who moved to Mars as they send messages to each other.

More than space travel and speculation about the future, this story is about the bonds of love that persist even when communication fails.


Info and format 

Crafted for a general audience, the comic can be enjoyed by all ages.

Format: 1 page, A4, gate fold (A5 folded)


Ahhhh, I love this mini-comic so much! The design is so creative and unique.⁠” - Nice Zines


”Absolutely brilliant zine. I love unusual ones like this. I love the novelty of them and it sets them apart from the rest! Brilliant art work and super smooth to the touch. I love it! I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on what this seller comes up with next.” - Sian Fowkes (Etsy customer)


”This article is very unique and creative. I highly recommend it. It may be an excellent present for a Comics lover. Congratulations on your work!” - Ana Piçarra (Etsy customer)

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