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The Sea Wall of Plymouth

The Sea Wall of Plymouth

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In 2065, rising sea levels caused most coastal cities to sink. While she walks along a nearly deserted Plymouth, Eileen remembers a childhood moment with her long-lost sister, while reflecting on the isolation brought about by the wall that protects the city from flooding.

As someone who comes from Lisbon, another city by the sea, I'm terrified by the prospect of my city flooding, and I saw in Plymouth a relatable subject.


Info and format

Suitable for all ages, I hope this narrative resonates with those who share similar concerns.

Format: A5, 40 pages (including cover)

A5, 40 pages (including cover)



"Do you have a favourite comic set in your hometown? Don't see Plymouth in many, so buying one from Claudia Matosa was a must, especially since it's set in an area where I sit for almost an hour every day reading" - Comic Book News UK


"Claudia’s artwork has an absolutely solid foundation in both form and colour. It’s really nice. It has a warm hand-drawn illustrative quality that you maybe find in a Nobrow or an Avery Hill book. [...] I’ve seen great work throughout the comic." - The Awesome Comics Podcast, Episode 410

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