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The Last Day of Rain #2: A Matter of Time

The Last Day of Rain #2: A Matter of Time

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Carol lives in a cloudless London. Her biggest dream is to see rain falling from the sky one day. But will that ever happen? After irreplaceable data and a suspicious intern vanish into thin air, the research that would fix it all seems on the verge of collapse.

This is the second chapter of the comic. Check out chapter one.


Info and format

Intended for all audiences, aged 13 and up.

Format: A5, 28 pages (including cover)


"An environmentally-focussed story with sci-fi overtones that communicates the urgency of climate change fears by taking us to a future where its impact has become all the more tangible." - Andy Oliver at Broken Frontier

“This is the second part of Claudia Matosa’s The Last day of Rain. Both parts of this are charming but at the same time dystopian. London in 2090 is destroyed and there’s no rain anymore, Carol, Pepper and Art struggle to lead normal lives but create the tech to create water. There are problems with water and power supply. There are also human problems of oversleeping, angry bosses and keeping down a job.” - Myles Sullivan @ ComicScene 

”I don't know about you, but I am pluviophile. I love rain, I prefer it over sunshine, and it's absolutely terrifying to imagine a place without rain. The concept to be interesting, as well as the proposed solution the characters came up with, it's one I've heard of before in real life, so I'm curious to see it implemented in this Graphic Novel.” - Jackson @ Global Comix

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